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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

5 Gears In Reverse: Giants 7, Dodgers 5

Everything wiped out. The early conversion of ace Tim Lincecum into hamburger (weirdly following the game where I saw him at AT&T Park vs. the Orioles — he bowed but didn't break, but it was odd to see him stumble repeatedly against a bad team) counted for naught. Lincecum nailed to a tree to the tune of a 5-1 lead upon his exit, it appeared the Dodgers had at least a reasonable chance to win this one.

However, the Giants took advantage of Clayton Kershaw's rough sixth to get within one. Then came utter collapse in the top of the ninth; Broxton managed to load the bases, one on a walk, which appeared to be a typical Broxton meltdown ... yet, no. With Joe Torre ejected in the seventh along with Kershaw, the Dodger vice manager went to the mound, left the mound ... and turned back. Bruce Bochy, alertly aware of rule 8.06(d) ...

VISITS TO THE MOUND BY A Manager or coach are covered under rule 8.06 in the Official Baseball Rules and section 7.12 in the Major League Baseball Umpire Manual. A trip to the mound begins when a manager or coach crosses the foul line. It ends when the manager or coach leaves the 18-foot circle surrounding the pitcher’s rubber.
... complained to the umpires, who then (correctly) demanded Broxton leave the mound.

Now, those of us not happy with Broxton's late performances (All-Star Game notwithstanding) were happy to to see him leave... until I realized his replacement was George Sherrill. Sherrill promptly gave up an RBI double, and thus began the catastrophic end of this game, ultimately to end in a Dodgers loss.

Don Mattingly shouldn't be the manager of anything besides a McDonald's.

What an embarrassing game. Six straight in the loss column. Phew. See Jon for more details; I can't raise myself to mention them now.


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