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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Also-Rans: Mariners 2, Angels 1 (10 Innings)

I have maintained for some time that the Angels season more-or-less ended with Kendry Morales' collapse following his walkoff grand slam on May 29.

As in that game, the Angels were tied in extras going into the ninth, only this time they didn't have a guy who could really threaten the opposition with a big hit. I found myself disagreeing slightly with the Rev's take on this game, i.e. it was principally about Jeff Mathis and his inability to defend behind the plate. (Mathis allowed the first run on an embarrassing wild pitch in the fifth that stopped not three feet behind him.) I'm not happy with Mathis, and find his defense wildly overwrought, at least as publicly espoused by various and sundry from within the organization. A straight WPA analysis shows leadoff man Erick Aybar as the worst culprit, especially for ending the game on a strikeout.

That is, we don't ask more of Brad Ausmus than Brad Ausmus can deliver. The bottom line here is that this is not a very good team, and whether Jeff Mathis delivers or not (and I fall on the side of criticizing his defensive play), the bottom line is that the Angels aren't fielding anything like a good team.

The upcoming road trip promises to be ugly.

ESPN BoxAngels recap

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I totally agree. I will say the Angels have showed how a good team they really are by still staying in it with all the issues they have had. Anyways like your blog and feel free to check mine out anytime. http://thesportspotato.blogspot.com/

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