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Thursday, July 15, 2010

McCourts Warned Divorce Court Could Force Dodgers Sale

Well, no duh.
With each of the McCourts claiming to be low on cash, and with bills piling up, Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon threatened to resolve both issues at once by putting the Dodgers on the block.

"The parties are unintentionally pushing the court toward an interesting position — selling the asset which is being fought over," Gordon said in a court hearing.

So shut up and settle, dummies. Also:
In his latest court filing, Frank McCourt reported his available cash at $680,000. He said could not meet the conditions for a bank loan intended to cover his legal costs and had in recent weeks "borrowed $650,000 from my brother, $650,000 from a business associate and $150,000 from another business associate" to cover court-ordered support.

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This was also alluded in the much longer Molly Knight article. But of course, as pointed out in it, it is in McCourt's nature to litigate, and I think in his own mind, it's a successful one, after all, 17 years of litigation is really what got him the Dodgers.

On the second bit, the Knight article has a great quote about McCourt's attitude about cash.

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