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Sunday, July 04, 2010

An Open Letter To Angels Management About Cameras

Note: This was originally written to Justin Hallenbeck, my season seat representative, but I'm republishing it here because it deserves wider dissemination. This idiotic attempt to keep anyone with a halfway decent camera out of the stands is just ridiculous.

Today was the second time I have been harassed by stadium security about my Canon DSLR -- the first time in the stands about my 100-400 lens, the second time at the gate about my 70-300 lens (which, according to the first group, should fall under the "shorter than 8" long" secret rule).
  1. I do not appreciate having secret rules foisted on me after years of having brought my camera and lens(es) to the park with no complaints from anyone around me. This is particularly galling in my section because the section is often empty or nearly so.
  2. Because the rules apparently are secret (they certainly aren't posted anywhere on the Angels website!), the people in security feel they can make up any length they want. The guard at the gate today pulled a pencil of arbitrary length out of his pocket -- who knows if it was 8" long! -- and declared my 70-300mm stubby lens "too long". (By my measurements, it's actually 7.5" inches, fully extended, including the mount.) Only the "good cop" in the line next to me convinced him to let me in with the gear.
In short, this is simply ridiculous. And all of this comes on top of a second place team getting thumped by the Royals! I realize this isn't much of a threat to overall revenues, but if this is going to be official policy, we will not renew our season tickets for 2010.

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