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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Watching Through My Fingers: Angels 10, Yankees 2

I was largely determined to avoid watching the Angels through this road trip, as they have been so very disappointing this year, and especially, the last game of the late Mariners' series was an unmitigated string of failed opportunities that seemed to portend more of the same for a club that has been bad on the road so far this year.

So when I looked up and the Yanks got to emergency starter Sean O'Sullivan for two runs in the first, that certainly was the end of the ballgame. Right? Not so much, because the Angels tied things up on solo runs in the second and third (and the one in the second despite the increasingly useless Hideki Matsui popping into a double play with none out), runs that were indicative of the sort of night Yankees starter Phil Hughes was destined to have: leaking base runners and giving up hits at a ferocious pace.

The Angels continued to claw at Yankees pitching until they took the lead in the fourth on a returning Maicer Izturis home run — no, I am not making that up. So it went for the rest of the evening, with the Angels blasting three homers, each for two runs, the other two off the bats of Mike Napoli and Matsui. Now, I intimated that Matsui is "useless" above, and certainly he wasn't last night, but there's no way you can describe his first half as anything other than a flop. Mike DiGiovanna's Times piece says the Angels expect he'll be productive in the second half, and of course this was a good way to help that out.

As for the Angels' pitching staff, O'Sullivan didn't allow another run the whole night, getting through six for a quality start plus, and even Scot Shields, Francisco Rodriguez, and Trevor Bell managed to keep the Yankees from scoring. Was there a team rabbit's foot involved? It feels like it.

ESPN BoxAngels recap

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Honestly with all the injuries and the failure of Brandon Wood I feel the Angels have had luck going there way this whole season. I feel they should be worse then they are right now.

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