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Friday, September 24, 2010

Worst-Case Scenario Appearing In The McCourt Divorce

Both sides think they're winning, and both sides think they can get a favorable settlement at this point. What that means: My hope at this point is that Jamie is so pissed at Frank that she eventually holds out in hopes the judge will toss the MPA. However, it's possible that even if the case goes to Judge Gordon, he might not decide in her favor if he decides that intent is more important than the written contract. The upshot for any scenario where Frank retains ownership of the Dodgers is so horrible it's hard to know how best to quantify it. The Dodgers would become a joke, a team crippled by weak, selfish, and fiscally irresponsible ownership. Having flushed every young player from the farm for help (see the reckless late season trades Ned made this year for and disposing of Octavio Dotel for prime examples), with an aging and increasingly ineffective core, the Dodgers might be unwatchable for years.

Update: I posted at True Blue LA that the Dodgers might end up with an $80M payroll next year. This apparently is quite low, as Eric Stephen has already estimated that the team will have a baseline, including arbitration awards, of around $87M. But I wonder: with James Loney really not that good, Jonathan Broxton's meltdown, an injury-plagued season for Russell Martin (about whose future MSTI recently had a fine post) — well, is it really so unreasonable to assume one or more of these guys will be non-tendered, most likely Loney, and that payroll really will be closer to $80M than $100M?

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