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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beltre Selling His Former Digs

Ex-Dodger Adrian Beltre is selling his former estate, a 4-acre, 16,600-sqare foot affair in Bradbury. He's asking $19.8M. The rich are very different from you and me ...


This could be seen as a big blow to Angels fans.
That depends on whether you think the Angels spending Scott Boras money on an aging third baseman is a good idea. I personally don't -- this team needs a lot more work than one Beltre can provide, and they really need to spend on draft bonuses more than they need free agency dollars.
The Angels need a 3B. Beltre is by far the best available, and there's not going to be anybody remotely as good on the market in the near future, nor is there anyone on the farm. Beltre's not even that old. I don't think the team can afford NOT to pay Bora$ this time. The rotation is pretty much set, and is easily the best in the division. The young arms called up in August & September have greatly improved the bullpen, to the extent that I don't think they need to do anything there. Going all-in on Beltre would be a much better idea than Crawford or Werth. Yes, they probably need to spend more on draft bonuses, but it shouldn't be either-or. The draft is for the future; free agent are for the present. Weaver-Haren-Santana-Pineiro can win you a title, if the offense can score. Beltre would significantly improve both the offense and defense at a key position.
Maybe he doesn't like the commute from Bradbury to Anaheim Stadium. That said (written??), I don't think he's worth the Boras Dollars we would have to spend. Seattle got burned signing him after his career year in '04. Serious production for those $$$ only comes in his contract year.

Bill in S.G.
Actually, by some measures, Beltre was worth exactly what Seattle paid him. They didn't get burned at all.
Yeah, I'm inclined to agree. The M's play in a park that badly suppresses right-handed power hitters.

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