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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Look Out, "Ninja", You're Next: Arte Takes Aim

Obviously, I'm not a fan of Bill Plaschke, but one sentence in today's column speaks volumes:
"We're trying to improve how we operate, from the baseball side," he said. "We were thin this year. We didn't have the depth we needed. Everything starts with how we draft and how we develop, and we will do a better job of that."
And who would have been director of player development prior to becoming GM?

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first off, it's apparent and nice everyone on the Angels is pretty tight-lipped - the only tea leaf was Eddie Bane applying for the Dbacks GM job.

my next thought is that this is the 2nd scouting director to get whacked this decade, apparently a lot had to do in both cases with GM conflicts. All through out the decade, you'd have to admit player development was at least above average too.

In the spring in Tempe, you see a lot of the same members of the coaching staff at the lower levels year after year - i'd tend to wonder about their accountability if heads are rolling and players aren't developing.

Lastly, I wonder about Chapman and what each individual in the front office thought about him. Obviously, that was 'one that got away'. If Artie and/or Reagins was OK with signing him and Bane or the other now unemployed scouts, ultimately talked him out of it, there's a good reason right there for Bane to lose his job. Anteing up for Roy Holliday (after today especially) or other premium players available through trade are other cases I'd love to have known what went on in the front office wrt to individual's opinion's of value.

Pitching from the lower levels is doing OK, its the hitters we've been woeful about getting to Anaheim to produce.

Finally, I've followed the exploits of Pat White who was one of Bane's first gambles. Bane was right about him, except being able to sign him. Predictably, WV (paid more?) offered more immediate glory and he did great there, though anyone could see his future in the NFL wouldn't be too bright. Pat White got cut after just a year as a back-up QB. I hope he got a diploma out of it at least but i find it ironic that Bane and White are together again one final time - in the unemployment line after being in a the limelight.

Adenhardt was considered a gamble - that worked. Other premium HS players chose college - that falls on Bane. Brian Matuz (sp?) went to USD and another pitcher we lost last year to North Carolina - maybe too many gambles that Bane said he's sign......and didn't - how much did that cost him.

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