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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pickoff Moves

The Rangers Get One Right: Rangers 7, Yankees 2

After Friday's eighth-inning reversal of fortunes, it seemed like Ron Washington had some making up to do. Whether he would get that chance depended directly on getting to Phil Hughes, which they did presently; a delayed double-steal of a run in the first, a David Murphy home run (! he had twelve in the regular season, and now he turns into Babe Ruth?), and a Michael Young RBI "double" down the right field line that was more like a dribbler that just scooted past ex-Ranger Mark Teixeira with barely a flinch — and the Rangers were up 3-0. An inning later and it was 5-0, and of a sudden Huntington Beach native Colby Lewis was in line for a win that this time Washington's bullpen wouldn't breach.

They've gotta win one in the Bronx now, though. It would take a lot for this blog's hidden mantra of Anybody But The Yankees to change, and so I'm still down with the Rangers. AL West pride, or something like that.


NLCS Game 1: Unexpected Postseason Heroics, Part 2: Giants 4, Phillies 3

Both championship series are interesting to me, but I find the NL series particularly compelling because the opponents are well-matched; the Phillies are the better offensive team, but the Giants have better pitching. Series like this end up being decided on random events, and that was ex-Dodger Cody Ross having a two-homer night. Neither starter was dominant after coming off historic postseason games, but Lincecum's offense pushed him into the win column, just barely, and that despite a typical Brian Wilson (i.e. shaky and baserunner-laden) save. If nothing else, it provided a pleasant diversion from thinking about the Yankees accumulating their next MLB-mandated set of rings, scheduled for later in the month.

http://scores.espn.go.com/mlb/boxscore?gameId=301016122">ESPN Box

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i thought it was Cody Ross who'd turned into Babe Ruth?

even including the pitching, the most interesting part of the NL series to me is watching Jayson Werth. If Arte gets outbid again (Crawford), Werth's an Angel in the outfield.
Murphy is hitting .400/.400/1.200 in the LCS so far.

I hope Werth isn't an Angel. It'll take a fair number of years to get him, and he isn't a Dodger because of his injury history. (Of course, they also misdiagnosed his hand injury.)

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