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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Scott Spiezio? Who's He? Giants 3, Rangers 1

Well, that's over. Edgar Rentaria's three-run blast was, approximately, the last thing you expected to see. The Giants hit 162 home runs in the regular season, or an average of 27 per month (though the 39 they hit in September/October was perhaps a predictor).

Naw. It's just a crazy game. So, congratulations, truly, to the San Francisco Giants, who in 2010 erased years of futility, and perhaps more to my taste, will finally be able to do something about that atavistic level of Dodger fan who whips out the empty San Francisco World Series Trophy case at every opportunity. Frank McCourt seems to be a sort of penance for that already, and the burden now is just that much heavier. On the other hand, the knuckle-draggers in Baghdad by the Bay rioted almost immediately after the win. It even got instant work on teh Twitter and Foursquare:

"Nothing on MSNBC.com, FoxNews.com, CNN.com, or BBCNews.com about the #SFRiot. However, it is on Twitter and Foursquare, and it has a mayor," complained David Lowe via Twitter just after 1 a.m.
Cliff Lee immediately filed for free agency after the game. Salt in the wound, much?

How many days do pitchers and catchers report in?


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There was a riot in San Francisco? Damn teabaggers!!

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