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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Angels Signed Some Reliever While The Big Free Agents Leak Away

The Angels gave former Toronto reliever Scott Downs a three year/$15M deal over the weekend. Yesterday, apparently, the big free-agent signing of the offseason seems to have been the Phillies' shocking re-signing of Cliff Lee only a year after they traded him, for five years and $135M. While I'm not a big fan of signing free agents just because they're there (and especially not of giving long-term deals to aging pitchers), the Lee signing is a bit more of the sort of thing the local press has been complaining about all offseason. Lost amidst the hubbub: the Phils won't have Jayson Werth returning, and actually signed lefty retread Dennys Reyes to a one-year deal. The Phils could fall apart in a hurry, and one free agency signing won't change that.

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with their SP and IF, the Phillies are not going to fall apart for the forseeable future.
y'gotta like that starting rotation though Rob - there's serious depth there.
There is that. But will they hit? I don't think it will be a replay of the 2003 Dodgers, but it could start to look close if they get a couple injuries.
with that rotation they won't need to hit much. but their line-up still matches up some most of the NL line-ups. i'd love to be a Philly fan right now compared to what we're having to deal with here in LA

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