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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Steve Garvey Claims To Have An Ownership Group Assembled

... but don't worry, Frank, he'll pull out in time. In the Times; I doubt this goes anywhere until the last appeal is denied.


Forget the Garv - we can only hope that Mark Cuban decides to get serious and that the league office would allow it. Mark Cuban owning the Dodgers might make being a fan of the team fun again!
Ron, I think that Mark Cuban is in the same place as Richard Blackthorn in Clavell's Shogun, who was too useful to Toranaga to let him go, though he always had to think it was possible. (Toranaga furtively burned his escape ship just as Blackthorn was about finished with it.) His presence benefits the league by driving up franchise prices, but he can never be allowed to actually own a team, because he is too likely to speak his mind. There will be no more Marge Schott's.
By the way, Rob, the line about Garvey "pulling out" was funny.
How could I resist?

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