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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lakers' 20-Year TV Deal Could Heighten Frank's Leverage With Fox

The Lakers are starting their own cable TV channel, which means Fox Sports has that fewer hours of prime content to sell. That strengthens Frank McCourt's hand accordingly, though I find it curious that, even with the considerably better-heeled and abler Arte Moreno running things, the Angels have opted not to build their own cable TV network, despite multiple threats over the years.

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Look at how Arte has run his abortion of a radio station and understand why he will not be getting into the television business
Yeah. Just because you know advertising (a core component) does not mean you understand all aspects of operations. He might be better off going back to KSPN and unloading the radio station, but in this market he probably ended up overpaying relative to what KLAA would fetch now.

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