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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 1: Spring Starts Late Around Here: Padres 14, Cubs 4

We arrived in Tempe yesterday surprisingly early yesterday, around 8:00 PM local time. That was pretty good considering we left home sometime between 12:00 and 12:30. The weather this time is warm, but not punishingly so; the 100+°F we routinely saw some years back in the Year Without Spring isn't in town, thankfully.

The Cubs played reasonably well this time — for maybe one inning in nine, but the rest of the time largely stank it up, Jeff Samardjia notwithstanding. The big offseason acquisition from the Rays, Matt Garza, turned out to be something of a catastrophe who only lasted three innings and gave up as many runs. But that was nothing next to Braden Looper's two-inning career burial that resulted in an earth-shattering eight runs in two innings, including a grand slam to nowhere-near-that-bitchin' Pads third baseman Chase Headley. My bet is that Looper, apparently off Tommy John repair, may yet have some miles in him, but they are not close to the majors, and Headley, who may yet start for the Pad People, is not the slugger he evinced today.

So spring. Al Yellon has more for the Northside faithful.

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