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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Mark Trumbo "Opening Eyes"

John Perrotto in Baseball Prospectus, on the Angels' sometime 1B/DH:
Meanwhile, Angels first base prospect Mark Trumbo keeps opening eyes in the Cactus League, prompting one scout to say, "He's got big-time power. He's not the typical Angels 'small ball' player, but they've got to find room for him."
Lyle Spencer wrote a piece about him yesterday featuring lots of hyperbolic chatter about thousand-foot home runs. His record in the minors reminds me a lot of some other high-profile flameouts who hit for power in the minors but were never able to translate it to the majors. Trumbo hit .301/.368/.577 last year with AAA Salt Lake, and I would be really surprised to see him advance to the bigs this year — that is, unless Kendry Morales really does turn out to be a no-show on opening day, at which point, anything is possible.

Trumbo supposedly has been seen taking balls in the outfield, for which I understand he is woefully unprepared. This option was tried in 23 games with Salt Lake, which should tell you something about his issues there; I expect "takes bad routes to ball" is just the beginning of it, as he's notoriously slow according to the Baseball America scouting report.

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