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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chatwood, Angels Slay White Sox: Angels 7, White Sox 2

Really, an astonishing game when you look at the score alone, especially considering it was Tyler Chatwood's major league debut second major league game. I always feel like I should derate a rookie's first run because of the league's inexperience against him, and just so today; but then there's the tendency to fold and fail the first time, too. I listened to maybe three of the nine innings today, and it was a doozy, a fun romp at a time the Angels needed some to help pump them up to near the division-leading Rangers, who lost 5-2 in the Bronx. Only a game back now, and that's something considering the weakish stumble they made earlier.

Homers by Howie and Hank. Woot!

ESPN BoxRecap

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Actually, this was Chatwood's second outing. He pitched in Anaheim on Monday and took the loss against Cleveland. Similar parallel to Ervin Santana's debut: rocky start against the Indians followed by a dominant performance against the White Sox.
Weird -- I knew that, but for some reason it evaded me. But still pretty cool.
And, fixed above.

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