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Friday, April 01, 2011

Dodgers Win, Yet Still Somehow Manage To Remind Us Of How Badly The McCourts Suck: Dodgers 4, Giants 3

I'm going to get the Dodgers winning part out of the way first because it was the good part of the evening; the offense didn't look impressive at all getting there, in the end requiring a gift fielding screwup by San Francisco starter Carlos Sanchez that allowed pinch-hitter Hector Gimenez to reach on the ensuing error; but other parts of it were pretty good, as Matt Kemp's ground rule double in the third, and Rafael Furcal's RBI single in the sixth. More, Blake Hawksworth bent but did not break, getting out of a bases-loaded, two-out jam. It wasn't a great outing for him, but it worked.

No, the irritating part was the stadium security throwing Brandon Belt's home run ball back into the crowd. I know they're not too interested in getting things right there, but is it too much to ask that a guy's first major league knock go back to his own dugout? As with yesterday's beating of a Giants fan that resulted in said fan being hospitalized (possibly with permanent brain damage), Dodger Stadium security seems to be doing the wrong thing at the wrong time every game this season so far.


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