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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Neyer: Jered Weaver Lucky And Awesome

A little intellectual honesty, please: Rob Neyer and Tangotiger both really, really like Jered Weaver; after all, you don't write passages like this one without that you're talking about an exceptional hurler:
Weaver, Felix, Verlander, Josh Johnson, and Lincecum are all great young pitchers. And are all in the same ballpark of talent. If one stands head and shoulders above the others, it’s a sabre-nightmare to explain. If they were all free agents, they’d all sign for about the same terms. What we love about them are their K and BB numbers, because after that, all the other numbers follow from there.
Is there something wrong with Neyer observing that Weaver's HR/9 is just not sustainable at this microscopic level, or ditto his BABIP? Enjoy the ride; the wheel aren't coming off, but he can't keep going on being this good indefinitely.

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Lucky and AWESOME... now that's more like it!

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