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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Your 2011 Los Angeles Mets Of Anaheim: Royals 12, Angels 9

I have a number of comments to make on this wretched game, but unfortunately none of them are truly original. jjackflash's comment at Halos Heaven goes into the core of the inept thinking that assembled this team:
I’m kinda surprised that they are carrying three catchers and only eleven pitchers to start the year. I know there are a couple of off days, but starters aren’t ready to go deep into ballgames at this point. I was sure Matt Palmer would be in the bullpen mix, especially considering that Kazmir will be starting on Sunday. They’re going to go deep into the bullpen.

... Let’s assume that Kazmir has thrown 100 pitches by the 4th inning on Sunday (or is otherwise just stinking up the joint), and because of limited pitch counts on the other guys, the Soth has already used everyone in the bullpen at some point in the first three games of the season. It would be nice to have Palmer around to give you two or three innings at that point.

It's hard to disagree with that assessment, but what's worse is looking at Scott Kazmir and thinking he's still a major league pitcher. He only lasted an inning and two thirds before the bullpen had to come rescue him. He's done as a starter, and very possibly as a pitcher. Pinning the blame on Kevin Jepsen — and I do think that's deserved, to a limited extent — is only a starting point, because it fails to examine a front office that has dramatically overpaid for players like Fernando Rodney (who blew the save), and actively traded for one of the worst contracts in the majors in Vernon Wells. If, as has been suggested, Mike Scioscia is calling all the shots and Tony Reagins is merely a figurehead placeholder, the Angels' transformation into the Mets of the AL West is squarely on his shoulders.

The Royals are an improved team, but not that much improved.


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