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Monday, May 09, 2011

Milton Bradley's Professional Career Almost Over As Mariners DFA Him

Aaron Gleeman reports that the ex-Dodger, ex-Ranger, and ex-Cub is now an ex-Mariner. Given the woeful state of the M's, you have to believe that means he's about as done as they get. Dave Cameron is unsurprisingly pleased. Bonus points for this graf:
He doesn’t provide any flexibility on the roster, and in actuality, his injury-prone body and angry-prone personality actually hamper roster construction, as the team always has to be prepared for Bradley to come out of the game – either via pain or ejection – at any given moment. And, let’s be honest, Bradley is not on this team for reasons related to team chemistry or leadership. He might not be the worst teammate ever, but he’s definitely not in the running for the best, and I don’t think you can make a case that he’s an asset in the locker room.
Lookout Landing informs us that the return is OF Carlos Peguero, a AAA outfielder whose minor league numbers make him appear as though he'll have a hard time catching on as even a fifth outfielder. Oh, well.

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