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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Angels Release Scott Kazmir

I didn't get to this one last night, but I have to admit to not being too surprised to learn that the Angels have given Scott Kazmir his unconditional release. I will be interested to see whether the Cardinals give him a shot, because Dave Duncan has rehabilitated plenty of right-handed pitchers into usable pieces.

Update: Tony Reagins says he has no regrets about the Kazmir trade.

Fire. Him. Now.

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Maybe he'll be reincarnated as an outfielder.
Seriously, what I don't really understand, because personally I've never done anything so physically complex as pitch a baseball, is the extent to which a really great pitching coach can help with cases like Kazmir's. What can Dave Duncan do that Mike Butcher can't? Are we talking about psychological rehabilitation here rather than something specific in his pitching action which is screwed up?
I confess I do not know, either. I do think that Duncan has a long history of turning right-handed slop-throwers into usable third starters, and this goes back a long ways.

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