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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Angels Talking To Omar Minaya, Fans Consider Suicide

Seriously? Was there something he did in Flushing that justifies a repeat performance anywhere? Just say no, Arte.

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Actually, most of the fans I've heard from are considering homicide.
I can't disagree with that conceptually, but who would you kill? Arte?
I don't believe in killing as punishment. But someone definitely needs to be clapped in irons! :>
Or at least, made fun of in public...
I didn't say I was considering homicide; I'm more of a suicidal mind myself. All I have to say, now that Reagins is out as GM, is that I hope Mike Scioscia is henceforth out of the loop regarding personnel decisions.

While I of course have no knowledge regarding just how much input he has had, it seems quite clear to me that at some point he developed a great dislike for Naps--at about the time he started tatting up--and by his actions paved the way for Naps' exit.
Yes and at the same time he obviously really likes Mathis--a player who simply can't hit to save his life. This happens all the time in the workplace. Managers promote incompetent people that they like while firing high performers that they don't like. To be more specific, it happens all the time at dysfunctional organizations.

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