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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Angels To Acquire Chris Ianetta For Tyler Chatwood

Per Sam Miller of the Register, who gets it from MLB Trade Rumors. Chatwood made his major league debut as a 21-year-old, and it's hard for me to conceive of how you unload a guy like that as a youngster. For the Rockies, Ianetta has been their starting catcher since 2008; his 2013 option is now voided thanks to the trade. In a sense, it looks like Tony Reagins continues to curse the team by making this deal (or one like it) necessary. Couldn't the Angels have signed the similarly meh Ramon Hernandez — as the Rockies are said to be doing — without taking the hit to their starting rotation? Why does Jerry Dipoto suddenly start to look a lot like Tony Reagins?

Update: A tweet from the Angels confirms the deal. Mark Saxon sounds an optimistic note by observing Ianetta's OBP is no less than .370 in each of the last three seasons. I can live with that.

Mike DiGiovanna of the Times also reminds us this makes it a certainty that Jeff Mathis won't be tendered a contract — another reason to be optimistic.

Update 2, Reasons To Be Pessimistic: Ianetta's career road splits sux0rz, .172/.321/.266 .208/.338/.369. (Update 12/2/11: Corrected, per jjackflash in the comments below.) Contrast that with Jeff Mathis' career line of .194/.257/.301. Let's hope Ianetta doesn't suck as much as all that. At least his .321 OBP provides grounds for hope. Hat tip to Tim Brown on teh Twitter.

Update 3: Bill Plunkett's full report in the Register.

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His career road split isn't as bad as you indicate, though they're not pretty: .208/.338/.369 (the numbers you highlighted were for 2011).
Yep, and there is a lot of noise buried in those numbers. Three seasons he hit poorly on the road, but two of the past five years he hit considerably better on the road.

Career interleague play (172 PAs): .250/.363/.431
In Anaheim: (22 PAs): .316/.409/.632

Not huge samples, but neither are his year-to-year seasonal road stats large samples either.
How much of his OBP is due to hitting in front of the pitcher, though? You can pile up a bunch of walks by being pitched around. I think this is a bad trade.
An interesting point, Herman, but if you look at his career stats by batting order position, the .243/.351/.436 he assembled in the seven hole (551 PA) isn't much different from the .235/.366/.416 he earned while batting eighth (817 PA). So I would call that a wash.
And note that intentional walks are tracked. Iannetta has 11 intentional walks in 817 plate appearances hitting in front of the pitcher. Basically, once every 20 games or so.

Not. Significant.

But I've read someone making Herman's point about ten times since the trade. Dudes, look this stuff up. It takes 20 seconds.

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