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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vernon Wells Part II: Rays 5, Angels 0

How many more games does Albert Pujols get before Angels fans start taking his name as a epithet, in the same way they quickly turned on Vernon Wells? If anything, it'll be worse: in a ten year deal full of this inept 0-for-y, every day will seem like eternity, especially if Scioscia can't help himself and must needs leave The Artist Formerly Known As Pujols in at the three or four hole.

But this wasn't entirely his doing, as the top four Angels in the lineup were 3-for-15, a terrible showing under any circumstance. The Angels end the days 7.5 games back of the Rangers, and April isn't even over. David Price may have been at the top of his game, but Ervin Santana gave up more home runs in one game than any Angels player has hit all year.

Update: Per a tweeted suggestion last night by David Williamson (@StolenMonkey86 on Twitter), Albert Pujols: .232/.284/.333. Mariners collectively: .233/.284/.353. Embarrassing.


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I'm guessing that'll never happen with Pujols, unless he starts tweeting things like "too blessed to be stressed."
LOL. Looks like the captcha is working again. Thank you, Google!

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