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Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Win! A Real Series Win! Angels 6, Orioles 3

Only the score was a repeat, as the Angels made it look like they might repeat some of their earlier offensive ineptness by scoring not at all in the first four frames. But the Angels finally got to Jake Arrieta, chasing him after only one out with a death-by-a-thousand-paper-cuts singles barrage that started with a Torii Hunter leadoff single; he reached second on a failed pickoff toss, and made it to third on a wild pitch.

So, the Angels finally found a pitcher having a bad day, and capitalized in a big way, so go, them. Albert Pujols contribution to the proceedings was a walk and a run scored; he came close to a home run, again, on a foul ball near the left field pole, but it, too, succumbed to its foulness.

Jered Weaver gave up a two-run shot to Matt Wieters in the top of the fifth, and a single run in the seventh on Adam Jones' triple and a scoring groundout by Wieters again. But otherwise he was pretty damned solid, going the distance and sparing the Angels the use of Scott Downs again, finishing the night on an economical 114 pitches.

First series win all year. I still want the first 12 games back, though.

ESPN BoxAngels recap

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