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Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Angels Are A Bad Team, And Mike Scioscia, You Are Next: Padres 3, Angels 2 (13 Innings)

I have nothing to add to this; the offense stank, though it is worth noting in passing that both Ryan Langerhans (shoulder, injured trying to field John Baker's double) and Vernon Wells (right thumb, sliding into second base in the second) are likely candidates for the disabled list, and neither player flew to Oakland. Perhaps that's a net positive, given that this blog's official position is that Wells needs to be cut, and Langerhans had little or no value on either offense or defense. Gosh, you mean the Angels might be forced to run Bourjos and Trout and somebody else (*coff*Mark Trumbo*coff*) out there in the starting lineup? Wow.

The Angels lost this one, predictably, in extras. I missed the ending. The Angels are back in the division cellar where, sadly, they belong. Does Mike Scioscia need firing? I can't tell, and don't immediately support it; but I wouldn't reject it out of hand, either. At this point, such a move would largely be symbolic, but if it meant the team would clean house on the idiotic offensive strategery, I would be all in favor.

ESPN BoxAngels recap

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