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Friday, May 11, 2012

Holy Mother Of Uh-Oh: Sam Miller's List Of Things With More Walks Than Albert Pujols

Aside from our dogs (who get walked twice daily), that would be a long and disturbing list, including four National League pitchers. Miller suggests that Pujols' walks have vaporized dating back to last year's All-Star break, but I don't see it.

Update: You should really read this older Sam Miller article first. He means unintentional walk rate, and yes, that has plummeted since last year's ASB. By my math:

Quite a dropoff.

Update: Good article suggested by commenter binkster at SB Nation by J.P. Starkey about Pujols' term as an Angel.

He's not that bad, but he'll never be 2009-good again. He'll never be one of the best hitters of all-time again. Father Time has caught up to Pujols. The decreased walk percentage could very well correlate to a drop in bat speed -- Pujols could have to start his swing earlier to compensate for the loss of bat speed, meaning, he has to expand his zone a bit more than he's used to.
The intro suggests "[t]he Albert Pujols of the past has yet to show up in Los Angeles, and there's little to suggest that he ever will." Fair point, but will at least a pretty good simulation of that guy show up?


Walk rate also mentioned in this sobering article:

Could it be that Moreno, DiPoto and Scioscia ignored Albert's declining statistics?
No question they did. They assumed the decline phase of the best hitter of his generation would be gentle. So far, it looks like a cliff.
Good article, BTW.

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