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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jim Eppard, Genius: Angels 7, White Sox 2

So that happened.

Seriously, it's hard for me to say much about yesterday's win that sounds neither trite nor obvious, so I'll get the homers by Pujols and Wells out of the way first. Pujols in particular was interesting, not because of the home run but because of the first inning popout to second base. Any ball he hits the other way is good news, even if it results in an out. I am not yet convinced Pujols is out of his slump, but I do think the signs are more propitious than at any previous moment.

Jerome Williams pitched a wonderful game, especially good considering it came on the heels of a catastrophe outing against the Rangers in which he was called on without warning to complete a start after a lengthy rain delay.

ESPN BoxAngels recap

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