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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Remember When We Thought Pujols' First Homer Would Break His Slump? Twins 5, Angels 0

So, yeah, that didn't happen.

Dan Haren had his ass handed to him on a night when the Angels 1-4 batters were 1-for-15, with the only hit among them coming from Mike Trout, unsurprisingly. Haren apparently had lower back stiffness, which got progressively worse through the night. Haren hasn't been Haren this year, which makes me wonder if there isn't something more than just "stiffness" at play here.

Update 5/9: Brilliant observation at Halos Heaven: "For the record, as of this writing Albert Pujols has fewer HITS OF ANY KIND for the entire month of May than Josh Hamilton hit as home runs in today's game alone." Ouch.

ESPN BoxAngels recap

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