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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Adequacy, The Unattainable Goal: Mariners 8, Angels 6

The lesson of the Rangers series ended Sunday was supposed to be that the Angels, written off by many (this space included) for dead at the end of April, were actually capable of competing in the AL West. This lowly goal seems like underachieving given the team payroll and the number of injured or malingerers on it, not to mention the dubious start of one Albert Pujols. But the state of the Angels' starting pitching has been little commented on, and Ervin Santana needs most taking out behind the shed and horsewhipping. The team has lost nine of his twelve starts, and last night's catastrophe was not much different from four of his other games in which he gave up five or more runs this year. He has only notched five quality starts this year, 42% of his total and the lowest rate since his 2007 campaign. Is he injured? Or just apathetic? However it is, it looks increasingly like the team will elect to buy him out for his 2013 team option, should this keep up.

The lone bright spots in this game were Kendrys Morales' two home runs, and a 4-for-4 night from Mike Trout that included a wonderful bunt single that rolled until it nestled against the third base bag. Trouty ended the game with a .338 average, leading all rookies, and would be sixth in the AL if he had the at-bats to qualify. It begins to pain me to see him do so well in the face of such sustained mediocrity, or worse, from other factions of the team.

ESPN BoxAngels recap

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