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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Santana, It Burns: Rangers 9, Angels 2

The incredible thing is that yesterday's start wasn't even Santana's shortest of the year; that happened two starts ago against Cleveland. One complete game shutout doesn't make up for all the other dreadful starts we've been forced to watch, and the Angels have won only four of his 18 starts this year. It's pretty much a lock that unless he figures something out in the bullpen — and given the team's paucity of pitching options in the minors, even a conversion to relief isn't a given anymore — he won't be back in 2013.

This season has had its blessings, most notably the meteoric rise of Mike Trout, and the revelation of Mark Trumbo as a middle-of-the-order thumper the Angels have needed for years. But almost everything else, especially the pitching, has disappointed.


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should read: especially the non-Weaver, Wilson, Downs & Frieri pitching

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