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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Come-From-Behind Win: Angels 6, Red Sox 5

Jered Weaver damn near took another loss, which these days isn't too surprising. He got clobbered in his start two games ago, his worst career loss, giving up nine runs in three innings, but he bounced smartly back with his next game — amazingly, in Fenway, where he has been historically awful (2-3, 6.35 ERA). In reality, Weaver did pretty well in this game save for the outsized fourth, in which he loaded the bases with no outs and allowed all those base runners to score.

The Angels and Red Sox are roughly looking at .500 from opposite ends, the Angels just above and Boston just below. Neither is really contending for anything at the moment, as even the Angels are four and a half games back of either Oakland or Baltimore for a wild card berth, in fifth place overall. That's too many teams to bounce over. The Angels got heroics from Mike Trout at the beginning (a leadoff homer in the first off Boston starter Clay Buchholz) and at the end (a game-tying RBI single in the bottom of the ninth off Alfredo Aceves). Matthew Poulliot of NBC Sports wanted to know when someone will fire Bobby Valentine after that effort, because Aceves clearly shouldn't have been pitching a two-inning save, and at the least he should have had someone warming up behind him. That he didn't is managerial malpractice, but I'll take the win, thankyouverymuch.



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