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Monday, October 29, 2012

Is This Thing Still On? Congratulations To The Giants

Nary a peep around here about the baseball postseason, but I will say I expected the Giants to be deposed in the first round. That they didn't seems to me more like luck than anything else; they got hot at the right time, and their starting pitching turned unaccountably invincible. The Tigers' feel-good story ended with the last out of the ALCS, vanquishing the Yankees in seven sweeping the Yanks, and proving that just because you have plenty of rest doesn't mean your pitching will be better for it.

An interesting followup on yesterday's last out: Sergio Romo's fastball really sucks, except when it doesn't.

Congratulations to the Giants, and bring on the hot stove.

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"...vanquishing the Yankees in seven". I believe the Tigers swept the Yankees in four.
Yes, of course, you're right. Duh.

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