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Sunday, June 08, 2014

TJ Simers Retires

Everything but baseball these days seems interesting. T.J. Simers is retiring from the Register/, which should make sense if you were thinking about how likely it was the Register's plan was likely to work out. Of the two sports pages columnists in the LAT, he was the less objectionable, but only just; I think someone needs to write a retrospective of his material from that time. It's been almost a decade since Matt Welch tore him and Bill Plaschke a new one over their terrible coverage, but if we no longer have Simers to kick around, it may soon be the case that we have no one covering the Angels and Dodgers, save for house organs at mlb.com.

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I never managed to have the white-hot hatred for Simers that I see so often expressed on HH, and I actually liked him on the morning drive show he had on KLAC some years back with his daugher and Fred Roggin. However, he had a habit of taking his role in things too seriously, and he always seemed to be trying to glom on to a player (Jeff Kent, Garrett Anderson) so that he could act as an O.B. Keeler to their Bobby Jones. Plus, the whole turd-in-a-punchbowl thing he seemed to enjoy could be irksome.

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