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Monday, March 30, 2015

The Rebirth Of Montreal In MLB = The Death Of The Rays?

Rob Manfred's remarks about a new baseball stadium in Montreal in concert with his denial of any effort to expand to 32 teams leads one to believe that the long strategy is as both a lever over the Rays and their apparently now-dead efforts to find a new stadium deal, and a possible escape clause. It would be highly ironic if the Rays did leave for Canada, because the Expos' former owner, the execrable Jeff Loria, ran them into the ground; after 2000, the team had no native TV contract. MLB engineered his purchase of the Marlins by purchasing the earthly remains of the Expos, relocating them Washington, D.C., in an unceremonious end to a brutal (67-95) 2004 season. If it does happen that way, both cities will have gotten far less than they deserved as a consequence of their "investments".

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If we have to have another Canadian team, I'd rather see one over in our time zone.

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