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Thursday, February 19, 2004

DePodesta And The Draft

Stephen Smith of Future Angels espoused a particularly virulent contempt of Moneyball, observing its many inaccuracies, as did Baseball America*. While yesterday's brouhaha over Branch Rickey, ur-sabremetrician, lent credence to the idea that there might be something hidden in the numbers, looking back a few days at my reply to Jay Jaffe's comments about the DePodesta-era Dodgers made me curious to find out what influence he might have had on the success of the A's. In particular, did he have any say in drafting their triple threat of Zito (1999 first round), Mulder (1998 first round), and Hudson (1997 sixth round)? The answer is only for Zito, as DePodesta only started working for the A's in that year. So based on that superficial viewpoint, DePo hasn't done that much with the draft. I plan on looking at this in more detail later on, of course, but it seems to me that there is at least some question as to the efficacy of DePodesta's laptop.
* Please to note that I was hitherto unaware that Baseball America was a magazine first rather than just a website. The italicization was no accident, though you will find it previously sans italics. We regret the error.


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