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Sunday, February 29, 2004

The Emperor Seligula

Bud Selig now disputes an HBO report claiming he and family members took $2 million, combined, in salary from the Brewers while crying poor to the Wisconsin legislature, in effect committing a fraud upon them. While this happens as a matter of course -- it is quite normal for legislatures, great and small, to lie to the taxpayers they flog for their ill-gotten means -- it is quite another thing if (a) the target is the statehouse itself, and (b) it is done with the kleig lights applied in gale force. Bud needs to open his books and get it over with. Perhaps a move to Mexico or some suitable Caribbean nation with lax reciprocal extradition history is in order. Else, he might need to do some light reading.

It must comfort Frank McCourt to know the ball and chain attached to the Dodgers' hindquarters pays for such stuff. Revenue sharing will have no effect on small-market team competitiveness until the system is overhauled to require owners to either spend money on the field or return the cash to the league and its otherwise rightful owners.


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