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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Monkey Business

Allow me to say that first off -- I love the Rally Monkey. Baseball purists will sniff, but as they observed in Bull Durham, if you think you're having a streak because you don't shave, then you don't shave. You just don't mess with a streak, and you don't mess with the monkey. The monkey is about adrenalin and hope, two things dear to any team in need of some late-innings magic.

So last year, after the Angels' title run, I saw the improbable: blue rally monkeys in the Dodger concession stands. I don't think anyone was buying them, but it was ... ironic? Yeah, that's it. So now, I think I've heard everything: the anti-Angels, the Oakland A's (who I refuse to hate but enjoy beating nonetheless), are selling monkeys as well. Dang, who knew a little simian could be so popular?


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