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Monday, February 23, 2004

Now Covering for Aretha Franklin, #38 -- Eric Gagné

Boras really needs to get his clients a better speechwriter, because they're all sounding like a broken record. Eric Gagné is just the latest to demand a multiyear contract while mouthing the R-word -- "respect". Eric, come now, you're a smart guy -- surely by now you should know the success rate of that mantra. Yours is now 10 of 11 arbitration cases Boras has lost. Of course, I should count the fact that Eric's beating the drum for a long-term contract as a positive move; in earlier times, Boras would just have his client hie to the free agency hills and so much for that. But the new economic reality seems to be steeping into his rock maple head. There is hope, even by the fiery lake.

Yet, the news is not all good. If Boras, through Gagné, speaks sweet words of conciliation and long-term contracts, it is because the number of teams requiring the services of an übercloser that can afford this one are small, and at the moment, perhaps zero. Even if DePodesta wanted to sell-the-Gagné for a bat, his franchise player might not have a home anywhere in baseball. This could be a bad marriage waiting to happen.


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