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Monday, February 16, 2004

The Ominous Yankees

Bad omens for the Yanks:
  1. They have the highest paid player in baseball. I'd have to remember a ways back, but there have been very, very few teams with the highest paid player to even go to the postseason, let alone win. (There was a good article on this and unfortunately I can't find it at the moment.) Update: found it on Sean Lahman's site. A little old, but the story's basic facts remain unchanged, unless the Yanks defy history this year.
  2. They have four ex-Cubs - Kenny Lofton, Tom Gordon, Felix Heredia, and Jon Lieber. Outside of the Cubs themselves*, this gives them possibly the highest ex-Cub factor of any team in the majors.
  3. A-Rod will be playing with the number 13 on his back.

*My wife, the Cubs fan, reminds me that active roster Cubs don't count in ex-Cub factor calculations because by definition the players are not in fact ex-Cubs.


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