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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Pickoff Moves


I already weighed in with my less-than-compelling reasons why A-Rod will be a burden, rather than a help, to the Yankees. God, not that you've already read any of this or thought of it before, but here goes:

Finally, All The Cubs' Maddux Are In A Row

Well, I was wrong about Greg Maddux signing with the Cards -- looks like he's gone back to his roots and signed with the Cubs. (I found out because my wife was in the other room hooting and hollering.) Well, good luck to the Cubbies -- with Pettitte and Clemens in the Astros' lineup, they'll need it. (On second thought, maybe they won't -- there was a great ESPN article a while ago that I can't now find discussing final career years of great pitchers; most of them were below replacement value.)

And Now For Our Human Interest Story

Greatest Commercials Never Made Dep't: Johnny Cash's heirs and assigns have refused to allow his hit "Ring of Fire" to be used for a hemorrhoid commercial. In this era of garment failures, it warms me to the bottom of my heart that someone can have deep-seated convictions...


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