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Sunday, February 22, 2004

Pickoff Moves

More Mr. Happy News

Earlier, we recall the New Jersey Star-Ledger reporting that Paul Quantrill rejoiced moving to the Yanks because he was "getting away from Kevin Brown." So he thought, anyway. Well, we certainly send him our condolences over Steinbrenner's choice of teammates in the offseason, especially now that Brown let it be known he was "so unhappy in Los Angeles last year that he contemplated retirement before he was traded to the East Coast." I hope his millions and private jet were keeping him otherwise well comforted in the midst of his dispair.

Wile E. Throws From the Mound

With more comebacks than Wile E. Coyote (but equivalent success), Darren Dreifort once more throws on the mound. " Dreifort is not participating in fielding drills because of concerns about the strength of his right knee", says the Times, but it makes you wonder what will break next: will Wile E. plummet to the bottom of the canyon with an anvil this time, or will the rocket blow up on the ground? Dodger Blues used to break down player "performances" per observable feature, in Dreifort's case, per missed start. So many failures, so much entertainment value!*
*This is not to be confused with actually enjoying Mr. Dreifort's situation; he's shown a lot of heart in continuing to keep himself healthy, or try. Lesser men would have given up by now. But maybe it's time to give up now.

Ishii/Roberts Trade Rumor

Meanwhile, back on the east coast, according to the New Jersey Star-Ledger DePodesta is jiggling Kaz Ishii in front of the Orioles for Brian Roberts. The O's would prefer to move Jerry Hairston, however. But with rumors of owner Peter Angelos possibly selling the team this year, one wonders whether that complication won't hurt the chances of a deal going down, especially with Angelos looking to pad attendance numbers. Also, the Orioles are very high on their young pitchers about to come up to the majors. How much sense does it make for them to take on another starter?

Erstad At 1B Won't Keep Him Healthy

The theory about moving Ersty to first was that it would (a) plug the hole caused by Spiezio's absence, and (b) would keep him healthy by preventing him from beating his hamstrings to death in the outfield. Well, looks like part (b) might just be wishful thinking. Back in '97 when he played 1B,
Erstad had a sore right shoulder for much of the second half of 1997, didn't start the final 13 games and had surgery after the season. In 1998, when Erstad played 72 games in the outfield and 70 at first, he strained his left hamstring in early August, went on the disabled list, aggravated the hamstring in early September and missed 10 more games.
Mediocre as Ersty's bat has been throughout most of his career, it could be worse -- a lot worse.


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