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Saturday, February 14, 2004

"Stand" Pat Reverses

"Stand" Pat Gillick, the ugly nickname acquired during his tenure in Seattle, says he's interested in the Dodgers GM position. Giants' AGM Ned Colletti said of him, "His experience and his results in Toronto are tough to beat." Well, yeah, that was great and all, but that was what, eleven, twelve years ago? And his results in Seattle, far more recent, don't bode well for the Dodgers, who can be expected to have a similar -- if not even lower -- payroll. Two problems I have with Gillick: Well, I suppose we shall see. McCourt's parking lot experience may come in handy somehow in his evaluations of GMs, which probably means we'll hear from Dan Duquette soon. I'd rather have DePoDodger in here if we're not going to keep Evans.


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