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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Time For Your Morning Beatdown, Mr. McCourt

Good morning, Ferret-Face! Man, I just keep liking Arte more... and Frank less. Again, from today's Times:
Arte Moreno, who purchased the Angels from Disney in May, has an entirely different mind-set. He made it clear, as Angel pitchers and catchers began spring training workouts Friday, that this winter's $146-million free-agent splurge was the beginning of a major paradigm shift, not a one-time shopping spree.

"We're a big-market team and should act like one," said Moreno, who plans to be a regular at Tempe Diablo Stadium this spring. "We're in the No. 2 media market in the country. There's no reason we can't bring a championship-caliber team here every year."

... "We have a business plan," Moreno said, "and it's not like it's written on the back of a napkin." [emphasis mine]

Well. Nothing's in stone. They play the games for a reason. But, dayng. Get 'em, Arte!

Update: Man, that's doubly nasty: Arte would have been asked to vote his business proposal up or down, and therefore had to read the thing. Ouch!


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