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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Dis' Town, Comin' Like A Ghost Town

A friend passed along today a link to a woman with a death wish: she rides around Chernobyl on a motorcycle with a dosimeter, taking pictures. (By the way, she is definitely something to look at, reminiscent of the TV cliché that any motorcycle rider only shown in leathers and a helmet will, in the course of an ad, be revealed to be a supermodel with fantastically long hair.)

Which naturally got me thinking about Dodgertown.

You can already hear the voices of the superoptimists on the fan forums, counseling that we should all go back to sleep. (I sometimes wonder whether McCourt doesn't show up amongst them.)

But Daily News columnist Steve Dilbeck is worried:

Gone is ace Kevin Brown. In return comes Jeff Weaver, the Simi Valley High grad who bombed so badly with the Yankees that New York reporters began questioning his mental makeup.

Hideo Nomo, who has been truly remarkable in his second life as a Dodger, now is the de facto ace but is coming off shoulder surgery and will be 36 this season.

Kaz "Full Count" Ishii again was highly effective, despite making almost every start an adventure, but they're trying to change his delivery and the results are scary.

Edwin Jackson remains full of promise, but is only 20 and has yet to pitch in Triple-A.

And all four have spring ERAs over 8.30.

Getting nervous?

Yeah, Steve, we are. And as Dodgertown in a few weeks will become a ghost town, maybe so will Dodger Stadium, populated by the ghosts of actual players.


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