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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Jackson to AAA?

It starts -- the Times today speaks of that which we knew might be inevitable, Edwin Jackson starting the season in AAA, his 8.59 ERA telling the story of a young pitcher having a series of shaky outings. And then there's that experience thing:
Moreover, including the 22 innings he pitched in the major leagues last season, Jackson has 170 1/3 innings above Class A. Few pitchers reach the majors on a permanent basis without having more innings at the higher levels of the minors.

... "For me, it's still an open question, but there are things to look at," General Manager Paul DePodesta said. "If you look through the records of guys who were under 25 and reached the big leagues in a hurry, most of them have pitched more than he has above [Class A] and more than he has in their minor league careers.

Well, Edwin, that start on your birthday looks more like a present now...


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