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Monday, March 29, 2004

The Man Who Knew Too Little

This offseason, when rumors of trades were afoot, they frequently began with the Chisox' Magglio Ordoñez for the Dodgers' Odalis Perez. Trouble was, Sox GM Kenny Williams consistently refused to move Magglio unless the Dodgers "threw in" name prospects like Jackson and Miller. Well: in Baseball Primer, we learn that "Williams is just not a very astute judge of major league talent":
Sure, he can understand that Bartolo Colon has a lot of ability but the overwhelming majority of his major league acquisitions have been failures. Basically, he has dumped major leaguers Keith Foulke, Chad Bradford, Tony Graffanino, Chris Singleton, Mike Sirotka, Kip Wells, Rocky Biddle, Jeff Liefer and Mark Johnson for Bartolo Colon, Tom Gordon, Esteban Loaiza, Royce Clayton, Juan Uribe, David Wells, Alan Embree, Jose Canseco, Scott Schoeneweis, Roberto Alomar, Carl Everett, Todd Ritchie, Cliff Politte, Armando Rios and Brian Daubach. Anything pattern in these moves? For the most part the players that he parted with were young and unproven while those that he acquired were not only older but also had established reputations.
And thus we get to the reason why the Perez trade never happened: Williams valued OP too little, and Magglio too much. One gets the impression Mags will be out of Chitown soon enough anyway; insofar as I know, they haven't negotiated an extension.


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