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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Pickoff Moves

At The Tone, The Time Will Be... Griffey Injured And Thirty Seconds

So much for those Griffey trade rumors. He's strained a calf muscle, get this, slipping on home plate.

Can We All Just Get A Bong?

The Bench Coach returns after a multiday hiatus, and I must say he's missed. Today he wonders whether the team will take the Kevin Towers Incident as fuel to actually hit, or whether they'll just smile and ask for another hit from the ol' Dodger bong. My guess is... mmm, brownies!

Shake, Shake, Shake

Edwin Jackson is making the case -- to send him down to AAA. But no mind -- he's a good sport about it, though Tracy insists he's still in the rotation:
"He's the fifth starter," Tracy said. "What we decide to do as far as the fifth starter is concerned, as to when he pitches, still remains to be seen."

Jackson is eagerly awaiting a decision.

"Who am I to think what I deserve," he said. "I get paid to go out and play. That's all I do. Any other decisions come from the staff. If I don't break with the team, I'll just work at whatever I need to work at to get back up here."

Good for him. But I wouldn't want him on the team now if it means (a) ruining him in some way and (b) making a starting rotation even shakier than they already are. I don't expect much of Nomo, and the rest of the staff -- save for OP -- looks pretty rattled too.

Credit Due: Frank (Almost) Comes Through

Credit where credit is due: Frank almost delivers on a promise to get all Dodger games televised. There apparently are some that just can't be moved onto Fox because of prior committments, but this amounts to only three games. The remaining games that cannot be televised are April 7 and 13-14, all games against the Padres. Kevin Towers will be upset, no doubt, to miss the fireworks... or watch the Dodgers roll over and go back to sleep.

For What It's Werth, We've Got A New OF

A new DePoDodger, from Toronto, naturally, we've got fourth outfielder Jayson Werth in exchange for Jason Frasor, RHP. Werth was blocked by the plethora of good-hitting outfielders in the Jays system, and Frasor was blocked by the enormous (but thin and frequently illusory) depth in the Dodger system, so it works out for both parties.

Update: Two days, two Ja[y]sons. Trying to come up with an answer for the Angels' Troy Glaus/Troy Percival combo, eh?


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