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Sunday, April 04, 2004

McLemore An A -- Should Beane Get A B-?

For reasons inexplicable to me, long-time Seattle super-sub Mark McLemore got signed by the A's. McLemore, also a former Angel, has been around 18 years, which should tell you something about the guy; the fact that he's starting the year on the DL is probably not a good thing, as is the fact that BP projects his VORP to be 5.9. Assuming -- and that's a big one -- that McLemore can come back from his arthroscopic knee surgery in the offseason, he's projected to be more useful than Jolbert Cabrera. But the difference may be in the urgency of the help needed. With Spiezio out, the M's needed immediate help at multiple infield positions. Still, I can't help but wonder: not even the mighty Wizard of A's gets 'em all right.

Maybe this is what the M's bloggers were complaining about: McLemore is the kind of guy Bavasi should have been pursuing rather than unload pitching prospects -- especially two of them -- for a weak-hitting infielder.

In other news, the A's still haven't given up on Mark Ellis returning, and are hedging their bets, at least in public. Also, Rich Harden, their supposed fifth starter, has been sent down to AAA; this is only temporary, and Harden is expected to return by April 15th.


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