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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Milton Bradley Is A Dodger

Maybe not in time to hit in today's Freeway Series, but Milton Bradley is a Dodger, says ESPN. DePodesta actually comes through, for a prospect and a PTBNL. If it turns out that DePo unloaded the guys the Dodgers just picked up from the M's, the Mariners bloggers will go nuts.

And speaking of which, The Safe throws some cold water on my characterization of the recent trade with the M's as cleaning up for the Dodgers.

Update: Now on MLB.com, for Franklin Gutierrez and a PTBNL. Gutierrez was the Dodgers' third best prospect according to Baseball America:

Strengths: Gutierrez’ raw power became above-average game power last year. He has a balanced approach with outstanding bat speed and natural lift to his swing. He’s wiry strong and athletic, with the speed to run down balls in center field. He has plus arm strength and enough bat to handle a move to right if needed.

Weaknesses: His swing gets long, creating holes, especially up and in. Improving his pitch recognition would help Gutierrez make better contact. Like many young hitters, he’s vulnerable to good breaking stuff and needs to learn to take pitches the other way.

Sounds like an even trade, depending on the PTNBL. DePo did a good job on this one considering the shortness of time to get an offer together.


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